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How I got rid of psoriasis

t has been about a year since I managed to get rid of psoriasis. And no drugs or lengthy treatment have been necessary. No need to go to numerous doctors who care more about the money they get from you than your health. I did it myself, at home, and it took less than two weeks for me to “destroy” chronic psoriasis, which had been bothering me for years. Moreover, my overall health has also improved. I cured myself and in the following lines I will share with you how I did it. Sounds hard to believe? Of course it does. But there is a secret and I am going to tell you all about. It will surely “open your eyes”.

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In my case, psoriasis first developed 8 years ago. At that time I was working on a construction site out in the cold. Since my immune system is not very strong in general, psoriasis symptoms subsequently started to show – and along with it, potency problems appeared (which I didn’t address). Not very dangerous, but still… What’s more, I was going through a rough period in my life. I split up with my wife, I was terribly nervous and irritated. All of this affected my health. My immune system, already in poor shape, got even worse, and the psoriasis symptoms were followed by the disease itself. My skin started to itch awfully, blisters started popping out, along with red spots, scales and other unpleasant side-effects.I was examined by a dermatologist and the diagnosis was unambigous – psoriasis. So began my struggle with the disease.

During those eight long years I tried everything possible – procedures, pills, ointments, various folk remedies. I met many dermatology experts, not only here but also in Austria and Germany. I did get certain results – the acute symptoms were relieved, but the chronic psoriasis wasn’t going away. If I got just a little cold or if I drank some alcohol, it always came back.

I was almost getting used to the disease by then. I nearly came to terms with it. However , problems with impotence appeared, which, according to doctor, were caused by the disease and occur in 90% of men who suffer from psoriasis. At first I only had trouble getting full erection, but soon enough my erection was gone completely. And that was when I got really scared. I was only 47 years old, and to have no sex life at such young age wasn’t something that I was going to agree on.

Psoriasis lead to family problems with my second wife: we started fighting too often. She is a lot younger than me and we don’t have any children (although I have two kids from my previous marriage), so I started getting worried that she might leave me and find somebody else. I knew it would happen sooner or later. My body, covered with red spots, was repulsive to her, and there was no way she was going to have sex with me, if I could get an erection in the first place. When a guy cannot satisfy a woman, their relationship gets more and more distant with time and she always cheats on him. It’s a law of nature. Luckily, it didn’t go that far. I found a way to fix things.

Tips For Healthy Skin

Water and diet are the two important key factors when it comes to aging and being healthy. Great looking skin depends on what you eat and what you drink. That saying “you are what you eat” that has truth behind it. If all you did was eat greasy fast-food, didn’t exercise and only has sodas for your beverage then several health issues could arise. You could suffer from obesity, diabetes, malnutrition and your body can trigger acne or other skin concerns. Drinking water is the best thing for you.

Water makes up 70% of the human body and it its 80% of a baby’s body. Water is critical so we do not become dehydrated. Also, water does not contain toxins and it helps eliminate toxins in the body. Also water is what nourishes skin cells so that they can be healthy.

Also, eating the necessary dairy, fruits, grains, vegetables and meats is important in balancing a healthy diet and is one tip to success for healthy skin. If you eat the proper portion of these foods you will remain fit and slim. You will not suffer from stretch marks unlike those who eat unhealthy and gain weight.

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Healthy skin is important because it makes you look and feel great. You will have more energy by eating healthy and you will have radiant skin. Junk food slows your metabolism down and you will not have as much energy or feel as good about your body.

Although diet and water can improve the look of your skin, exercise is important to. Just 30 minutes a day can make a big difference. If you don’t want to exercise alone ask your friend to go to the gym with you or take your dog for a walk. It is beneficial for the both of you.

However, if you notice your skin is starting to suffer from poor diet and lack of water, then try a meal plan to keep you organized and on track. Don’t think of it as a diet, but as a lifestyle change to improve how you feel about your body.

Naturally Fighting Wrinkles for Younger Skin

Fighting wrinkles can be done but to really fight wrinkles you need to start before you see any wrinkles. Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process and you can naturally fight them. It is not necessary to inject chemicals and other items into your skin. To really fight wrinkles you need to know how the skin works and what affects the quality of your skin.

Skin basically has two layers the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is constantly regenerating cells and new cells are created in the dermis and then become the epidermis. In order to fight wrinkles you need to treat both the dermis and epidermis. Many anti-wrinkle products will only treat the epidermis, as the epidermis is much easier to treat.

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You do not need any harsh treatment for the epidermis. Using a gentle exfoliater daily and using a mild cleanser to remove dirt is all that is necessary. If you wear a lot of makeup you should make sure it doesn’t clog your pores.

The main fighter of wrinkle sis moisturizer as dry skin is more susceptible to wrinkles. To keep your skins moisture level high make sure to drink a lot of water, most individuals do not drink nearly enough. Sodas, tea and coffee actually dehydrate you so if you like your morning coffee follow if up with a big glass of water.

Getting exercise can also fight wrinkles, as exercise is needed to get oxygen to the skin. The more oxygen in the skin the less the toxins will build up and you will have less damage to the dermis and epidermis. One of the fastest ways to get wrinkles is by smoking because of the decrease in oxygen throughout your body. Much of this is part of living a healthy lifestyle so treat your skin and your body right by drinking water and exercising regularly.

Beauty Skin Care

Skin cells are able to restore and refresh themselves when they are well taken care of. Skin maintenance is an ongoing process that can enhance the skin?s ability to produce fresh skin cells on a regular basis. When this is damaged severely or resistance is lowered, it may lead to premature aging, wrinkles, and dull complexions.

The Beauty Skin Care Regime

These will include regular:

Cleansing ? Toning ? Buffing ? Moisturizing ? Exfoliation ? Clear makeup application


Cleansers can vary from foaming to lotion or cream cleansers, and will depend largely on skin type and condition. Mediated cleansers are often used for many skin disorders or after intensive treatments. Common ingredients for potent and effective cleansers include lemon or aloe bases, infusions of Vitamin C, lavender, and rose, and menthol-based cleansers for deeper cleaning.


Toning helps to refresh and revitalize the skin, and will remove any buildup or toxins that the cleanser may not have removed or picked up.Dryer skin may require less toner,


Skin buffers can remove dead skin cells lightly, in between exfoliating treatments. Buffing agents may include a washcloth, firm sponge, or facial buff block. These can help smooth out an uneven complexion over time, and will remove dirt and grime at the same time.


Moisturizing is an essential part of beauty skin care, and the right moisturizer for each skin type will ensure that skin looks vibrant, healthy, and attractive on a regular basis.Applying the right moisturizers can help skin stay soft, smooth, and supple on a regular basis, as well as help to restore skin from any external damage or climate changes.


Weekly or biweekly exfoliation is an excellent way to enhance and revitalize skin naturally. Exfoliation not only removes dirt and debris from the skin?s surface, but can also smooth out any lines and refresh the top layer of the skin by boosting circulation. After exfoliation, the pores are opened so a generous application of moisturizer is recommended.

Clean Makeup

Wearing makeup on a regular basis has many benefits when it is applied properly.Natural and organic makeup lines can enhance skin, and even nourish it further with fresh ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Applying makeup with clean applicators is essential to prevent bacteria and infection from building up in the skin?s pores, and leaving it with a healthy glow instead.

Beauty Skin Care and Diet

Apart from the external factors and influences for maintaining healthy skin, diet and internal balance can play a vital role. Hormonal changes can play a significant role in how the skin reacts and responds to various elements. Any imbalances will show up on the skin in the form of redness, dry skin, blotchy skin, or a dull complexion. In addition, the diet can play a vital role in how the skin appears. Diets that are rich in wholesome, natural foods will help the cells in the body grow and maintain themselves. Water is essential to all of the functions of the body, and can maintain the moisture level of natural skin. A diet that includes a variety of foods is essential for overall health. Specific foods and vitamins that affect the skin include:

Top Ten Ways to Prevent & Erase Wrinkles Naturally


Wrinkles are the formation of small folds and lines on the layer of skin. Wrinkles are usually a sign of aging that occurs naturally in the faces and skins of aged people. They can also be caused early on due to factors like smoking, an excessive amount of skin submerged in water, inadequate hydration, sun damage, facial expressions, and stress. Apart from anti wrinkle injections like Botox, the best ways to prevent early signs of ageing are below.

Don’t worry there is hope. Follow these simple tips for wrinkle free and smooth skin.

  1. Hydration

Providing the skin with ample amounts of water and other antioxidants like green tea help build and rejuvenate the skin from within. Water is also proven to rid the body of various toxins.

  1. Consume antioxidants

Consume food that is rich in antioxidants, like spinach, blueberry, walnuts, and majority of every other fruit and vegetable consumables. Antioxidants help replenish the skin for a smooth and wrinkle-free outlook.

  1. Sleep

Our bodies produce complex hormones vital for the body during sleep. When sleeping, the body produces doses of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that facilitates the formation of smooth, wrinkle-free skin. So more the number of hours slept, and rest will ensure ageless skin.


  1. Stop smoking

Smoking does not need any introduction or information about how harmful it is to the body. Not only does it damage our insides, but it also causes evidence of early wrinkles found on the skin. Overall, stop smoking, it isn’t good for anything.

  1. Replace lotion with oil

Moisturisers and creams tend to have harmful chemicals or toxins. Coconut oil helps in treating wrinkles, cellulite and reduces age spots. It is rich in Vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant. Coconut oil acts as a moisturising agent as well. Other oils like jojoba, olive oil are good replacements too.

  1. Saturated fat

Include saturated fat in your diet as it is this fat that gives the skin the elastic feel and protects the skin from oxidation damage caused by the heat from the sun. Sources of saturated fat are avocados, butter, and coconut oil.

  1. Resist using sunscreens

Sunscreens are unfortunately not true to their sayings. These lotions consist of many harmful toxins which have been backed by pieces of evidence.

  1. Gelatine

Gelatine is an animal fat by-product. Since the skin needs collagen for flawless skin, including gelatin supplement along your daily diet will give you the required amounts of it for nourished skin.

  1. Face masks

Try to conduct a detoxifying and antioxidant face mask as a part of your strategy for smooth skin. Monthly conduct of face masks will replenish your skin with nutrients. Good face masks are a combination of avocado and honey or gelatin and egg white mask.

  1. Fermented cod liver oil

Fermented cod liver oils are rich in vitamins and omega 3. Apart from strengthening the immunity system, this oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, which prevents and stops the sun from damaging our fragile skin.

11. Doctor Skin Checks

It’s important to get a regular skin check from you doctor every year. Doctor are trained to spot potential skin cancers and early treatment give you the best change for successful treatment and the removal of any melanomas.